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SandBot is an A.I. based chatbot that helps you find new trading opportunities while keeping you connected to the markets.

Get Quotes on Symbols

With the ease of a few simple key strokes, request the price of a stock, ETF, or futures contract.

Get Symbols for Trading Ideas

Already found an insight or trading idea that interests you? Ask SandBot to investigate the idea for a set of symbols of your choosing to see which combination might best meet your investment goals.

Request Price Charts

Want a bit more detail than just a quote? No problem. SandBot can quickly provide you with a chart so that you can visualize recent trends.

Get Trading Ideas for Symbols

Looking for potential new trading ideas? Ask SandBot for unique insights and trading ideas on symbols of your choosing to uncover hidden relationships between key historical events and stock performance.

Get U.S. Market SummariES

View snapshots of popular U.S. market indices, various futures commodity segments, and more.


View snapshots of popular indexes from Europe and Asia, as well as popular currency exchange (forex) symbols.

SandBot in Action