Where innovation and new ways of thinking are always in play.


Sandbox is TradeStation Technologies’ fintech accelerator program focused on driving strategic innovation through the rapid development of knowledge, technology and capabilities. We seek to identify compelling ideas we believe will create value for consumers, test and validate them, and bring them to market as fast as possible. We thrive on pushing the limits of technology, while also challenging the status quo of how new products can be developed, to find innovative ways to generate highly impactful solutions. At the heart of our success is a fail-fast, fail-often mindset combined with our strategic innovation process and guiding principles. The program adopts experimental methods to take on challenges that are surrounded by conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Areas of Focus

We prioritize investments that are designed to deliver the next generation of customer experiences. We spend less time planning, more time doing and testing, and, above all else, challenge ourselves to see the world through the eyes of the customer every step of the way.


New analytics capabilities have been unlocked in the era of big data. Here in the Sandbox, we focus on harnessing the power of analytics to understand and satisfy the needs of financial services customers. We invest in innovative solutions that seek to enhance the customer journey, including engagement, personalization, customer insights, service and retention.


Technological innovation in financial services is proceeding at an explosive pace. This offers us an opportunity to reshape customer expectations. We are focused on delivering new trading experiences and capabilities to provide customers with the next generation of investment tools. We invest in market analytics, non-traditional data, risk and portfolio management, wearables, mobile-first tools and digital assistants.

Big Data

The best companies have found ways to unlock and use the hidden value in their data. The proliferation of big data tools, cloud analytics and machine learning has accelerated the understanding of data. We actively invest in machine learning, big data infrastructure, visualization tools, text analytics, natural language processing interfaces, massive unstructured data sets and exploratory analysis.

Current Projects

The Sandbox innovation center is where creative techniques are given the opportunity to be explored for value.
Below is a list of a few of our latest product experiments for you to explore.